Roy Allen Elementary
is an impressive place to
learn and grow. Recently,
Mrs. Harris' first graders
were investigating needs and
wants. After ascertaining that
love and care are basic needs,
they described good deeds
that happen at home and in
the classroom. A friendship
tree was constructed and as
kind acts occur, both children
place their names on a leaf
for the tree. The acts of kindness
help our tree grow and
helps us grow as a classroom
community. Thank you, Dr.
Chandra, for supporting the
first grade class. We hope
you enjoy the sampling of our
good deeds that happen regularly
in first grade.
Jane Harris
First Grade Teacher

UBC Boxing PAL
Gary Gregory
Luis Merced of UBC won
the Florida State Boxing
Championship title in the 132
lb. open class. Advancing
Friday by defeating Jesse
Quintana of Ft. Meyers, Luis
battled it out in the semi
finals Saturday and beat
Estado Altido of Winter
Haven PAL. Tonight Luis
commanded a win by defeating
Felip Silva of Tallahassee
Tigers in 26-10 score using
the new international computer
scoring. Luis was
awarded the most outstanding
boxer award nominated by
the officials of this tournament.
His talents and
achievements also earned
him the Jean "Pit" Lebruen
Memorial Award presented in
memory of Pit Lebruen, a
USA Boxing Amateur
Champion who died in 1994
at the age of 20. Luis will
advance to Regionals next
weekend in New Pt. Richy.
Luis Merced defeated Davis
Tony of Georgia in The
Eastern Regional
Championship. Tony was
ranked no. 10 in nation.
Merced will advance to the
USA Nationals in Colorado
Springs on March 11-17 at
the Olympic Training Center.

War Against Drugs"
Essay Winners

In a friendship
We're free to expose,
Parts of ourselves
Nobody knows.
But the thing that sustains it
And sets it apart,
Is not something spoken
It is a bond of the heart.
True friends are rare,
In a lifetime two or three.
I'm so glad it happened
Between you and me.
Choose friends not drugs!
By Nancy Maldonado

Healthy Living Means No

Written by
Meggie Bellinger
Third grade student at Roy
Allen Elementary
Are you living healthy? If
you are, then you would not
be smoking! I know many
reasons why cigarettes are
bad for me. You are about to
experience what you would
be going through if you started
to smoke.
If I was to smoke, I would
end up like this: I'd have yellow
teeth and dry hair. Also, I
would have yellow fingernails
and blood-shot eyes.
That would only be my
Next, I would have very poor
health. For instance, I could
have lung cancer or asthma.
If I had a career in soccer,
they would fire me because
I'd have problems with my
breathing. And if I didn't get
all those health problems,
there is a possibility that I
could get mouth cancer.
Finally, we get to the social
reasons. Even if I was a really
pretty girl, but I smoked, I
still wouldn't have many
friends because of these reasons.
First, I would smell
really, really bad. Second, I
wouldn't stay attractive. Last,
if I actually still had friends,
they would find an excuse to
get away from me because
they wouldn't want to inhale
the smoke. Plus, my breath
would be disgusting!
Now did I persuade you not
to smoke? I hope so because
all those facts are true and
they have actually happened
to real life kids who smoked.

Dying Out The Door
One night when I was
Attending a party
A kid pulled out a bottle of
He handed me the bottle
I took it though full of fear
I couldn't say "No"
I would look like a fool,
He said after that
Don't you wanna be cool?
Later when I was driving
home I felt myself pass out
Even though I didn't know
I turned and took a Different
route. A car was coming I didn't
see I pondered of what would Happen to me. I felt a big crash,
I'm lying on the floor The pressure
to be cool Sent me dying out the door.
- Maureen Gerrity
Jessica Winton

The War Against Drugs:An Anti-Drug Message Three D's to Life: Don't Do Drugs
"Mike, you going to the party tonight?" Alex asked. Mike, Sean
and John were walking home from school when Alex came up to them. "It's, like, the happening party." "Sure we'll come." Alex wasn't
exactly their worst enemy but they weren't exactly friends. Later, when Mike, Sean and John showed up
at the party there were already
people spilling out on the lawn.
They could tell it was going to
be a real "cool" party. Mike was
an "A" average student. John
was a "B" student. John was a "A" student. Until that night. Mike
got into a situation where he just
had to be cool. So he started drinking. Sean tried to impress
some girls by smoking cigarettes. John was already drunk when
they picked him up and he still
drank more. That very night, Mike, Sean and John died in a car
accident. They were driving home when they lost control of the car.
As well as themselves, they killed a family of four.

Kids die everyday because of drugs. All they have to do is say "no"! In other words: Don't Do Drugs

The war everyone's fighting… drugs
Like all wars the war with drugs
has two sides. Somehow, someone we know fell onto the wrong side.
I was him, the drug dealer, and
the crack. The people on the other side thought he was crazy. Did
he think it was cool, cool to
throw your life away on one
high? Well the people on the
good side didn't think so. We
used to play together all the
time when we were little, but
once he started doing drugs,
our relationship was gone,
not only would our parents not
let us hang around with him, we didn't want to, he was always
acting really weird. It all started
when his girlfriend broke up with
him, and instead of trying to work
it out, he turned to drugs, he
couldn't have cared about her
that much. Just like we didn't
want to hang out with him, no
one did. Everyone tried to think
why he was doing it, but no one could think why he would be so stupid. Before the drugs, he was a straight "A" student with lots of friends and after-school activities, but he threw it all away for the
crack. He finally went into rehab
and got an after school job. It took
a lot of work, will power, and help from his family and friends, but
now he's on our side, fighting
against drugs, and trying to help
the people who use them. We
dream of a day where this war
will end, everyone will unite
against drugs.

By Haley Kehres & Carly Acquaviva

The World Without Drugs
Hi, my name is Anam. I woke up this
morning and looked out the window.
It was so beautiful. No one was
homeless or asking for money on
the streets. I went downstairs and
got my breakfast and the newspaper.
I sat down and read the paper
and it said "Down at the nearest hospital,
people are reading books and talking with
the people in the hospital." Everyday
the world gets better and better.
Everybody loves one another,
and cares for one another. That
morning I went to school and on the
way there, it was paradise. No
one drinks or smokes or gets
drunk. I love it. At school
there is no one forcing you to
drink or smoke. It is really
nice being that way. I went
home and got a snack. My
mom has the news on so I
went to watch it. The news
was wonderful! Everyday on
the news there was always
something positive, never
anything negative. I love my
life! It is nice that no one is
doing drugs or smoking on
the street. I wonder what the
world would be if it was totally
opposite than my regular
life? What a great world it is
without drugs!!!!!
By: Akaila Amara
Anam Ali

Sgurd, My bad, Drugs
Drugs, drugs, drugs, yeh that's the theme
if ya want ta die or lose your bling, bling,
go ahead smoke that weed I don't care if
you get sent ta jail for 3 years drinking
beer and mesen wit yourself, sooner or
later yaend up in h-e-l ya know the rest
for destroying ya self, come on and be
free and hang wit your homie G
instead of in jail clanging a cup on a
rail to get a drink and I guarantee it won't be
beer. So don't be a drug user,
Smoking marijuana and being an abuser,
Be like me drug free, playing b-ball on
the court while your G-friend is cheering
for ya after ya score and you draw
the foul and hit the floor and the whole
crow roars cause ya won the game
St. Joe's just beat Holy Name so now
watch gonna do, the guy asked me
Me and my Bro are staying away from
extacy what should it be smoking weed
or having a blast like me
thanks for the chat and that's that
Rap Song
Brenten Lewis, Derrick

Drug Essay
by T.J. Sisti
I hate drugs, what about
you? The only thing I hate
more than drugs is. . .drugs.
Reasons why you shouldn't
do drugs is first, because of
your friends & family. Next,
because of your career, &
last, because of your health.
This is very important so
please pay attention.
First, your friends & family
love you so much. If you do
drugs then they are going to
stop trusting you. They ruin
your life. Another reason is
they make you do crazy stuff
that your family may not
approve of. Your family doesn't
want you to ruin your life,
they want you to live it to the
Next, your job is a very
important part of your life. It
helps you have a nice house
& be able to enjoy the stuff
you like to do. If you do drugs
then you won't be able to get
the job you want. You won't
be able to get a good paying
job because they blood test
you. If you do drugs then it
comes up on the results, &
you're out of luck.
Last, the most important person
is yourself. You should
love yourself & feel confident.
But if you do drugs then
you can't feel that way. When
you do drugs your health
decreases. They make you
lose brain cells & parts of
your body that make you
active. The last reason is you
have a larger chance of getting
cancer & dying. So,
don't do them.
To sum it up, it is your choice
if you do drugs or not, but I
hope my reasons helped persuade
you not to do them. The
three reasons I gave you not
to do drugs are first because
of your friends & family.
Next, because of your career.
And last, because of your
health, but there are thousands
more reasons you shouldn't do
them, research it!

by Tracey Maslow
Would you like to be lying
dead on the floor in a couple
of years? Well, that is what
drugs will do to you. Drugs
like to ruin your wonderful
life & make you lose all of
your friends! They also are
one of the biggest killers in
life! So, after you read this
essay, think about what I am
telling you & decide if it is
right for you.
First, say you were a famous
actor or actress with a wonderful
life, doing what you
love & you decide to do some
drugs such as pot or cocaine.
You could ruin your perfect
life in a matter of months &
might risk your whole life for
a careless dumb thing that
you tried once & got addicted
to. A lesson that you have
learned, that your parents
always tell you ("Think
before you act") will help you
a lot in life. If you use your
brain when someone asks you
to do something that you
don't really want to do, it can
save your life! Now, that you
know that you can lose your
life, don't take the chance.
Do you want to lose all your
friends from this dumb thing
called "drugs"? Well, if you
start doing drugs now in a
matter of time you will lose
all of your friends, maybe
even your best bud. Drugs
pull you away from your daily
life & put you in a horrible
position that your friends
won't want to be in with you.
Your mood will change &
they won't like it so they
slowly move away from you.
Make the right choice to not
do drugs & lose your friends.
Last, did you know that drugs
are one of the biggest killers
in life? Since more than 60%
of the people who do drugs
get addicted that is no surprise
to me. It all begins with
a simple dare. People ask you
to try some pot. You say yes,
& the next thing you know
you think that pot is not that
harmful, so you try some
pills! Before you know it you
are doing cocaine & pills at
the same time. One day your
heart stops from all the drugs
that you are taking & you die.
Now, you have ruined not
only your life but also your
family's & those that love
In conclusion, you now know
that drugs will ruin your life,
make you lose your friends,
& is one of the biggest killers
ever. Don't take the chance of
destroying your years ahead.
Think of your whole life
before you start. Remember,
what I told you from this
essay. So, be smart. . .Don't

Drugs Are Harmful
by Nina Caraway
Have you ever thought
about the consequences of
taking drugs? People who
don't think ahead & who take
drugs often end up in a dead
end. Poisons, chemicals &
worse might be entered into
your body, so be wary when it
comes to these things. Think
of your health, future & reputation;
what will people think
of you? Upon reading this,
take the care to remember
what will happen if you take
To begin with, drugs are very
hazardous to your health.
Physical appearance is affected;
you get yellow teeth,
smelly clothes, saggy & sallow
skin & many more repulsive
qualities. Inside your
body, however, gets more
punishment. For example,
brain cells die, lungs blacken
& decay & guts bloat.
Diseases from such as asthma
or cancer, things that get
passed on to your unborn
child. Ask yourself, is it really
worth it?
Second of all, consider your
reputation. Friends will scatter
if you're in jail. Family
members aren't so close anymore
if you got kicked out of
their house. Being under the
influence of drugs goes on
records, whether from illegal
drugs or being underage.
People will talk about you,
saying things like, "oh look,
there goes the person who got
suspended," or "that person
killed their family while
drinking & driving."
Most important of all is your
future. Remember, once past
the few hours of hallucination
or giddiness, there's a life to
think about. Scholarships
tend to magically disappear if
you're underage & caught
with possession. Oh right,
never mind about all I said,
your future doesn't matter,
that is, if you're dead. Before
you sniff, inhale, snort or
swallow, think about how
your possibilities will diminish,
except the always-wonderful
job of a drug dealer.
To sum it up, don't take
drugs. Life is short enough
already; don't take 30 more
years off. They waste money
& endanger your life. Ask
yourself, are you really stupid?
Think twice before you
make a deadly mistake.

Drug Essay
by Alex Pate
After fifth & sixth grade I
have learned a lot about
drugs. I had many classes &
lessons on different kinds of
drugs & what harms they can
do to you. I also learned that
drugs can affect health, financial
situations, & problems
with friends & family. There
are lots of bad things that can
happen to you if you use
First, health is a big issue
when it comes to drugs. If
you take drugs all of the time
you are most likely not very
healthy. Drugs can give you
many different cancers. For
example, the most common
cancers talked about are cancer
in the month & cancer in
the lungs. Tons of people die
every year because they do
drugs, & that shows that they
don't care about their health
very much, or they are careless
about learning about
Next, if you use drugs you are
at a high risk of having legal
problems & financial problems.
The kind of legal problems
you could have to go to
court. Things like court might
end up costing money &
causing financial problems.
Also when you buy drugs
they are probably expensive
so you could not have enough
money for everyday life
because you spent your
money on drugs. Legal &
financial problems can cause
a big struggle in life, & lead
to many other problems.
Last, friends & family are
affected & hurt a lot when
they find out that a loved one
has been doing drugs. When
you do drugs, you could lose
good friends because, they
don't want to get into bad
habits like you did. Also, you
could lose the love from family
members. Drugs cause
your acquaintances not to talk
to you because, they don't
want to be someone who does
drugs, or hangs out with anyone
who does. These people
probably know harm drugs
can cause.
In conclusion, drugs are very
unhealthy for you, & you
should never get involved
with them. Drugs cause problems
with friends, family,
finance, & legal problems.
Lots of schools are now
teaching their students about
drugs & how they can harm
you. I think it is great that
schools are teaching their
kids about drugs because that
is a good way for them to
learn. Also, I think that anyone
that does drugs is just
messing up their life & I
guess they are just plain careless
because, drugs are a stupid
thing to do.