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Moi? Je m'appelle Dr. Chandra

Me trapped at the Homewood Health Center in Guelph!

Hi! My name is Dr. Raghavendra Chandrashekara. People call me Raghavendra, Rag, Raj, Dr. Chandra, Mr. Chandrashekara, Mr. Mr., Mr. Joker, Jester, Mr. Troublemaker and even sometimes Ragu. I am a Software Architect working at Hyland Software Inc. and in my spare time I run a very small video games company called Candlelight App Inc. where I am the founder and CEO.

Although building bright shiny things (Software Architecting) and breaking other peoples toys and placing traps inside them (Software Engineering) is my day job mainly, I'm also interested in all sorts of other things like Physics, AI, ML, DL, Music, Physics, Recursion, Poetry, Video Games, Physics, Computational Geometry, Computer Science, Physical Chemistry, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Drawing, Physics, Painting, Art and of course Physics. Physics has always been my first true love and I really love thinking about Physics. Everything at the fundamental level, comes down to Physics (and Mathematics of course).

I suppose we know have to ask whether Physics and Mathematics are the same, and then whether Mathetmatics and Computer Science are the same, and then that leads to the question of whether Computer Science and Chemistry are the same and then we approach Biology, and Biochemistry, and Life and Consciouseness and Penrose's The Emperor's New Mind and Shadows of the Mind and Hofstadter's GEB and I am a Strage Loop.

So, it's blindingly obvious that everything is interconnected with itself — everything knows about itself. I know about you and you know about me, my house knows about you and my kittens knows about you. We are all made of stardust and quarks and particles and momentary brief ghosts briefly exisiting for a few nanoseconds before vanshing into the cosmic soup. How can the Universe know about itself? Are we just dream particles in the mind of GOD!? Or are we THE GODS THEMSELVES?

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Three.js, Node.js, React.js, F#, C#, CUDA, OpenGL, OpenCL, ... Oh My! My Oh My!

Arrête! S'il vous plaît! Vous êtes fait moi chaud!

This is my first attempt at creating a proper website for myself and I expect that the road will be bumpy for the next few months until I teach myself how to use the Interwebs properly and learn how to use JavaScript and Three.js and all the other little goodies flourishing outside of my ususal field of view associated with my day and night jobs. Until then enjoy the entertainment as I break my website, set my house and equipment on fire and scare my little kittens; but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end and we will come out of it mostly intact with a few hairs still left on our bums!

Plus sur Moi! Si tu'es plaisir!

I was born in India on May 15th 1976, although that is not my exact date of birth. In the 1970s and earlier in India exact birthdays of your children were not so important. All that was important was that you were born, had two feet, two hands, two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth and could smile and joke and make your parents happy and also look after them when they needed your help. If you could do that then you were all set for a relatively good life in India. (I am of course disregarding all those poor babies who were born into disastrous and life threatening poverty and disease).

Anyway my birthday was chosen to be May 15th 1976 because of special advantages. My Mum and Dad said that I could start a school a year earlier. This filled me with apprehension and anxiety because I would be the samll kid in the class of big kids. Anyway it was a minor problem, you had to go to school eventually and it was better to get it over and done with it as soon as possible.

I don't remember much about going to school in India. I do remember a pretty teacher holding me while I slep in her arms after we had gone on a long field trip in Malwali amd were now returning home. I also remeber watching the clasic and latest Raj Kumar movies that were sometimes shown during the school days when we were approaching the holidays.